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Striving to Be More Than a Linen and Laundry Partner

Posted by ImageFIRST on Apr 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When you are working with an ImageFIRST Customer Advocate, you are receiving more than just medical linen services in the Boston, MA, area. Our Customer Advocates not only deliver clean linen on time but also stock the shelves and help manage their client’s linen inventory on a routine basis.

Client’s view our Customer Advocates as being their partner, and an extension of the facility’s team, instead of simply just a vendor or a delivery driver. Here are just a few examples of how our Customer Advocates go above and beyond being just delivery drivers:

Tim from Pittsburgh

After delivering linen to his customer, Tim found out that his contact was mourning a death in her family. The next time he made a delivery, he brought her a card, expressing how sorry he was for her loss. She was incredibly grateful for Tim’s kind gesture.

Mike from Chicago

During his delivery, Mike saw a young girl in her early teens who was about to be prepped for an IV to undergo an MRI. He found out that she and her mother had only been in the United States for three months and neither of them spoke English. He gave the girl an ImageFIRST stuffed animal cow to comfort her.

Ed from North Carolina

Ed approached a patient of Hispanic descent who was getting treatment at the cancer facility he was servicing. He and his wife asked him if he was from Puerto Rico, which he told him he was, as well as being from New Jersey. It turns out that they also were.

Ed and the couple started talking and ended up laughing so much that the doctor came over to make sure everything was okay. The patient told the doctor it was the best medicine that he could receive and gave Ed his home address so he could bring them some Spanish food the next time he made it.

The doctor came up to Ed later and thanked him, explaining how the patient had been having a hard time. Ed simply replied, “We do more than just deliver the laundry.”

David from San Antonio

David knew from last week’s delivery that the facility was a little busier than usual, so he took the precaution of taking extra blankets on his truck – and thank goodness he did, as it turned out the facility really needed them.

If you are interested in learning more about how we strive to be more than just a standard linen and laundry provider, or about our healthcare linen services in the Providence, RI, region, we encourage you to call 800-932-7472 or fill out a Contact Us form on our website.