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How Is ImageFIRST Connecticut Remarkable?

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Sep 30, 2015 4:18:05 PM

At ImageFIRST Connecticut, we like to describe ourselves as remarkable. But, we know that saying you are remarkable is one thing, and being remarkable is another.

So, what do we do that makes us so extraordinary and amazing?

Well, as many of our clients tell us time and time again, we go above and beyond, no matter what.

Being that all of our clients are in the healthcare industry, we understand the challenges they face such as infection prevention and patient satisfaction! That’s why we are more than a vendor; we are a partner to help them succeed.

Take, for instance, the fact that one of our Customer Advocates delivered linen to a client before a major snowstorm hit. Although the regular delivery was to be on the day of the storm, our Customer Advocate had no issue delivering one day early during the evening instead, as the facility would have run out of linen if he hadn’t. Because of this, the hospital staff that had to sleep overnight had what they needed to guarantee they were comfortable. Not to mention patients that were with them through the storm had everything they needed. How’s that for remarkable?

Our Customer Advocates Are More Than Just Delivery People, They Are Customer Service Champions!

One of the big differences between our company and others is how unique and personalized the services provided by our Customer Advocates are. Much like we mentioned above, our Customer Advocates are trained to ensure all our clients are happy, and that everything is always on time and accurate—even when Mother Nature is not playing nice.

What’s more, they also keep track of all inventories and can adjust any orders when needed, as per our Same-Day Linen Rescue services.

So, who are you going to call if you need more inventory? Well, you can call your ImageFIRST Connecticut Customer Advocate!

In the end, there are many things that we do to make us remarkable. And, if you want to see everything we do that makes us that way, check out this YouTube video: ImageFIRST™: Remarkable People, Remarkable Service. We are sure you will be convinced after that!